{ "name": ["Luke", "Dennis"], "title": "Web / UX Developer", "locality": ["Denver", "Boulder"], "region": "CO", "country": "USA", "phone": "(303) 884-8293", "email": "luke@lukifer.dev", "web": "lukifer.dev", "github": "github.com/lukifer", "stackoverflow": "stackoverflow.com/cv/lukifer", "linkedin": "linkedin.com/in/lukifer", "skills": { "languages": { "JavaScript": 9, "TypeScript": 8, "PHP": 8, "SQL": 8, "HTML5": 8, "GraphQL": 7, "C++": 6, "Elixir": 5, "Go": 5, "Ruby": 5, "Bash": 7, "Python": 5 }, "frameworks": { "React": 8, "Material UI": 7, "WordPress": 8, "Node": 8, "Express": 8, "Apollo": 6, "Laravel": 6 }, "tools/tests": { "Docker": 8, "npm": 7, "Git": 8, "Nginx": 7, "Linux": 7, "Jest": 7, "Cypress": 7, "RTL": 7, "Enzyme": 5 } }, "jobs": [ { "company": "Homebound", "title": "Senior Developer", "url": "https://homebound.com", "where": "Denver, CO", "when": ["Jul 2019", "Feb 2021"], "shortcode": "hb", "summary": "First technology hire, helping to found a dev team with two goals: crafting delightful E2E experiences for buying custom homes; and building internal tools to efficiently manage home-building.", "responsibilities": [ "Bespoke checkout experience for custom-built homes", "Team collab on project management app, tailored to custom-built homes", "Reusable React + Material UI component library and storybook", "Design/implementation of GraphQL queries and mutations", "API integrations with SalesForce, Stripe, and Slack", "Maintenance of WordPress/Jamstack marketing site" ], "tech": [ "React", "TypeScript", "JSS", "MUI", "Express", "GraphQL", "Apollo", "PgSQL", "Docker", "RTL" ] }, { "company": "Distillery Solutions", "title": "Senior Developer", "url": "http://fx5solutions.com", "where": "Denver, CO", "when": ["Aug 2015", "Jul 2019"], "shortcode": "ds", "summary": "Leading a dev team that employed JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL to build and maintain an Operations & Compliance web app for craft spirits producers, sustaining 500% client growth over 3 years.", "responsibilities": [ "Domain-specific business logic and data modeling", "Maintain in-house MVC framework", "UI/UX design and implementation", "Automated reporting and data visualization" ], "initiatives": [ "Data migration (ETL) from a legacy PHP 4 codebase", "Modernized view logic with composable Knockout components", "Converted DevOps stack to Docker", "Mobile web QR code scanner with secure desktop handoff", "QuickBooks Online API integration", "Built new brewery product using React" ], "tech": [ "PHP", "JavaScript", "HTML5", "CSS", "MySQL", "Docker", "Nginx", "Knockout", "jQuery", "React" ] }, { "company": "Blue Riot Labs", "title": "Web Developer", "url": "http://blueriotlabs.com", "where": "Denver, CO", "when": ["Aug 2010", "Mar 2014"], "shortcode": "brl", "summary": "Scoping and building UX-focused responsive web applications, SEO-optimized marketing sites, and e-commerce solutions in a fast-paced agency, with lead architecture on several projects.", "responsibilities": [ "Bring designer's vision to life: PSD breakdowns, CMS integration, and UI/UX", "Work with clients to ensure goals are met on-time and under-budget", "Research and strategy regarding tech stacks, architecture, and \"buy vs. build\"", "Use agile techniques to collaborate with the team and get things done" ], "tech": [ "PHP", "HTML5", "JavaScript", "CSS", "MySQL", "WordPress", "Bash", "jQuery", "Angular", "D3" ] } ], "projects": [ { "name": "VoiceTunes", "url": "github.com/lukifer/voicetunes", "github": "github.com/lukifer/voicetunes", "description": "Voice-controlled Raspberry Pi jukebox" }, { "name": "TheMind.gg", "url": "github.com/lukifer/TheMindLife", "demo": "themind.gg", "github": "github.com/lukifer/TheMindLife", "description": "Companion mobile PWA for card game \"The Mind\"" }, { "name": "Living Color", "url": "lukifer.github.io/LivingColor", "github": "github.com/lukifer/LivingColor", "demo": "lukifer.github.io/LivingColor", "description": "Adjust website colors in real time" }, { "name": "HoverForMore.js", "url": "lukifer.github.io/HoverForMore.js", "demo": "lukifer.github.io/HoverForMore.js", "github": "github.com/lukifer/HoverForMore.js", "description": "{ text-overflow: ellipsis } on steroids" } ], "urls": { "Angular": "https://angular.io/", "Apollo": "https://www.apollographql.com/", "checkout experience": "https://estimator.homebound.com/estimate", "Cypress": "https://www.cypress.io/", "D3": "https://d3js.org/", "Docker": "https://www.docker.com/", "Enzyme": "https://enzymejs.github.io/enzyme/", "Express": "https://expressjs.com/", "GraphQL": "https://graphql.org/", "Jamstack": "https://jamstack.org/", "Jest": "https://jestjs.io/", "jQuery": "https://jquery.com/", "JSS": "https://cssinjs.org/", "Knockout": "https://knockoutjs.com", "Laravel": "https://laravel.com/", "MUI": "https://www.material-ui.com/", "Material UI": "https://www.material-ui.com/", "Nginx": "http://nginx.org/en", "Node": "https://nodejs.org", "npm": "https://npmjs.org", "PgSQL": "https://www.postgresql.org/", "React": "https://github.com/facebook/react", "RTL": "https://testing-library.com/docs/react-testing-library/intro", "TypeScript": "https://www.typescriptlang.org/", "WordPress": "https://wordpress.org/" }, "tooltips": { "estimator.homebound.com": "Enter \"Santa Clara, CA\" in Address field to test", "index.json": "Click for JSON document, or \"View Source\" in browser" }, "#render": "" }